And we’re off

I had decided to start a blog a bit ago. If you check out the About section you’ll learn that my niece Laura Lee inspired me to get to it when she started her own beauty blog. She loves all things make-up and style and is a good writer so it seemed like a good fit. As for me, I’m a writer who has had writer’s block for 30 years. Ever since I can remember I was told “you’re a writer” or “you’re a good writer.” I even picked my college major, journalism, because “writer” was always the descriptor I’d use. But I soon found out that being a journalist wasn’t exactly my jam. Public relations and communications was a better fit. That’s how I’ve spent the last 26 years. PR firms. City and state government. Nonprofits.

Now I think of myself more as a storyteller because I have stories I feel compelled to tell. So I decided to take a sabbatical from full-time work to do some consulting while I write and spend time with my family. When I initially made the decision it was to be with my elderly parents while my father was ailing but what do they say, “life happens when you make other plans.” Earlier this week my dad passed away peacefully after spending his last 24 hours surrounded by his children and grand children. This blog is dedicated to him. And we’re off.



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